Thursday, September 30, 2010

21 Weeks!

Wow, already 21 weeks! I'm so behind on my belly pics.. I'm sorry baby girl, mommy's been so out of it!!! I promise to take one this weekend. I'm so glad that we finally found out the sex of this baby. Knowing that it's a baby girl makes me bond with her so much more. She'll be an angel I'm sure as she's been an absolute angel so far in my tummy. Everything's going super well and (knock on wood) I still don't have any of the pregnancy symptoms I had with Avery. Oh, my little Avery gave me some trouble when she was in my tummy!!!

I had my 21 week appointment with Dr. Bohn today and everything checked out just fine. EXCEPT... I gained 10 pounds in the last month!!! How is that possible??? I honestly don't look like I've gained 10 pounds, seriously I don't! So that makes the grand total weight gain to... drum roll please.. 10 pounds! I didn't gain any weight the first 4 months of the pregnancy so 10 pounds is all I've gained. Still.. all in 1 month seems extreme.. I remember with Avery, I dind't gain any weight the first 4 months and I gained 8 pounds the 5th month. So I guess I'm on track with how I was with Avery which always to me is a good sign...

I've been feeling the baby girl move for almost a month now.. I started to feel her move a lot earlier than I did with Avery. This little girl is very active!!! She's swimming around in there at all times of the day and night! I hope she's calmer when she's out of my tummy so we can all get some sleep! I found out today that my maternity leave will begin January 11. Oh, can't wait!!! I'll get to spend some much needed mommy and Avery time before little girl #2 arrives. Then it'll be 3 girls against daddy!!! I'll have to have pep talks with my little girls on how to gang up on daddy!!!!!!!!

You know what I just noticed? All of our doctors' names start with B... Dr. Beesley, Dr. Bohn and Dr. Bochner. How strange..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!

Avery will have a little sister!!! When I went to see Dr. Bohn, her guess actually was a boy! She thought she saw a little pee pee couple times but I guess she was mistaken! We went to see Dr. Bochner this morning, who is the guru to ultrasounds, and he confirmed 100% that this one is also a girl and VERY healthy. She fooled us all, didn't she? She's been such a good little girl that we all thought may be it's a boy! I guess it turns out she's just a good girl, period! So I guess Paul and I will be parents to 2 beautiful, cutie-pies and we're so excited. Well, I am for sure! The thought of Avery having a little girlfriend to play with is just too cute for words. They can play tea-party together, dress up in princess outfits together.. Share clothes, talk about their dates (when they're like 30 years old), oh how exciting!!!!
I can't wait to have 2 girls snuggling with us and kissing us all the time!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ugh, Need to Rest!

My condition these days? Completely EXHAUSTED!!! I need to take a few days and just rest... Hopefully that day will come soon. This weekend, I went to Phoenix for a conference from Friday to Sunday. Avery was left home alone with daddy. I missed Avery and Paul so much, I almost got a ticket to come home on Saturday night! I told Paul when I got back, "Never again.. Never going on a trip without you guys again!" I spent most of my conference looking at pictures of Avery and talking to Paul... How much more attached can I get to my family??? It was so quiet in my hotel room that I couldn't sleep for even couple hours the 2 nights I was there!

When I landed on Sunday night, we went straight to my parents' house to celebrate my niece Minji's 3rd birthday. We didn't get home till around 11pm and I was completely pooped. But for some reason, I couldnt' sleep again!!! I think I was too tired... I was a zombie on Monday at work and on Monday night, I was able to get some good sleep.. Except... Avery and Paul got a cold while I was away and Avery was coughing so much that she ended up throwing up couple of times in her sleep.. Changing sheets in the middle of the night is not that fun. So today is Tuesday and I still feel tired. I can feel the baby kicking like crazy in my tummy so I presume that the baby is not tired like mommy is. Hopefully tonight I will be able to go to bed by 10pm and wake up refreshed for our appointment with Dr. Bochner tomorrow!

Stay tuned.. We find out OFFICIALLY what the sex of this baby is.....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

18.5 weeks!

I forgot to blog when I turned 18 weeks so now I'm 18 weeks and 5 days. Belly is growing, baby is kicking and swimming constantly (a lot more than Avery did) and appetite and energy is increasing. I love having more energy to play with Avery. I may be jinxing myself by saying this but this pregnancy has been just a breeze!!! Other than the tired phase lasting longer than the first pregnancy, it's been super easy! I'm eating well, I can actually eat meat (lots of it too!) and no problem with constipation or sleeping or any of that. My hips are already starting to hurt though which I hate.

I'm trying to wear my normal clothes as long as possible but moving on to maternity clothes may be inevitable in the near future... Belly is growing more and more and once I eat a big meal, I look at least 7 months pregnant! I think I was just made to have a big pregnant belly!!! I think Avery is finally sort of getting the concept of baby in mommy's belly... Kind of. She rubs it and says "baby"... But does she really get it???

Below is my belly pic at 18 weeks and some... Paul made me laugh when we were taking these.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I did something bad....

I had a 17 week check up with Dr. Bohn today. Paul couldn't go with me since he's out of town. He should have known better than to send me to the doctor by myself!!! hehehe... Paul has expressed this time around too that he does not want to know the sex of the baby.. He said that with the first pregnancy but my puppy dog face made him give in. Typically during the 17 week exam, Dr. Bohn only checks the heartbeat with the doppler machine and doesn't do an ultrasound. An ultrasound is done at 20 weeks when we go to Dr. Bochner and he checks the anatomy of the baby and for birth defects. At that time, Dr. Bochner tells us with 100% certainty what the sex of the baby is. So I went to Dr. Bohn with no expectations whatsoever.

First off, I only gained 1 pound in this pregnancy so far. I think I gained 2 pounds by this time with Avery. Since I lost so many pounds when I was sick few weeks ago, I supposed 1 pound makes sense. Baby's heatbeat was so so so strong and fast. By just the heartbeat alone, Dr. Bohn said it could possibly be a girl since it was so fast. But then when we talked about my symptoms so far, she said it sounded like a boy.... hmmm.. Mixed signals!!!!

Dr. Bohn was so curious as to the sex of this mystery baby that she said "fine, let's do an ultrasound so I know for me!" The baby on the ultrasound was the most active baby I've ever seen! The legs were kicking, arms were flying, squirming like crazy! It was like a baby on caffeine! Complete opposite of Avery. Avery was either sleeping or just calm whenever we did ultrasounds... Dr. Bohn said the legs were crossed most of the time but there were 2-3 times when he/she uncrossed his/her legs and she was able to see what the sex was.... She told me what she thinks it is but she said it was her "unofficial" diagnosis and she wanted me to confirm with Dr. Bochner in 3 weeks. So I won't reveal the "unofficial" diagnosis just yet!!!!! Paul has told me that he wants to think about whether he wants to know the unofficial verdict.. I'm dying to tell him though!!!!

In the first ultrasound below, you can see the baby's face. Eyes, nose, and mouth. In the second ultrasound, the baby's legs are up in the air. So cool!