Friday, February 4, 2011

On our way to welcome #2!

Today is the day! #2 is arriving today! It's 8:20am now and we'll be checking into the hospital by 11am to deliver our baby at 1pm. Avery spent the night at grandparents' house so mommy and daddy was able to stay up late and catch up on our shows that's recorded on our tivo and had a nice big shabu shabu dinner and sleep till 8am! But all night we talked about how much we missed our little Avery.... According to grandma, she's having the time of her life playing with her cousin Minji. They've all of a sudden formed this special bond where they hold hands and run around together whispering stuff to each other. It really is so cute and makes you tear up....

Back to #2... Dr. Bohn and Bochner both predicted a 6 pound baby so I'm curious to see how small or big our little girl will be. I'm hoping for over 6 pounds. I tried my best to fatten her up in the last 2 weeks and now it's just up to her. Hopefully she'll eat and sleep well when she comes out and she'll grow and grow!

People asked me this week if I'm nervous about today. Honestly, no I'm not. Even as I type this, I'm not nervous at all.... The surgery part is kinda scary to think about but that's not really up to me.. I just lie there. The pain afterward is scary too but what can I do about that. It's just for a week or so. I'm not nervous, I'm very ANXIOUS and EXCITED! I'm so excited to see what our little girl will look like and more excited to see Avery meet her little sister for the first time. I'm sure I'll cry a river tonight when Avery comes to visit. Avery's been kissing my tummy every morning saying "Hi, Baby" but I doubt she knows what's really going on. Hopefully it'll register in her brain soon that this baby is here to stay!

Ok, we have to finish packing up! Wish us luck and please pray for us!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not so good news....

Mommy was supposed to go on maternity leave on Friday, January 14 but after our appointment with Dr. Bochner on Tuesday, mommy started her leave on Tuesday, January 11 instead. According to Dr. Bochner, our #2 is on the skinny side (all things being normal) so he suggested that I take more time to rest and lie down. I need to increase my calorie in-take and decrease my activity to preserve the calories for the baby. #2's head, arms and legs size are in the 50th percentile range which Dr. Bochner said was average but her belly was only in the 20th percentile which was worrisome. December was a busy month for us and I should have taken easier..... I'm sorry baby girl, mommy should have been more careful! Now I'm drinking Ensure everyday with Power Bars as snacks to fatten myself up a little more. I've been sleeping as much as possible and lying down whenever I can.

Avery has been loving the time with mommy at home. She's been such a good girl, leaving mommy to lie in bed or watching Blues Clues with mommy so mommy doesn't have to get out of bed. It's been nice to have our nanny with me every to help out as well. I've been feeling so guilty about not paying more attention to #2... I haven't taken pictures of my belly as much as I did with Avery, I haven't been singing to #2 in the car as I did for Avery and haven't been eating as much or resting as much... I think God has given me a wake-up call and this time to force me to reflect and spend more time with #2. Trust me, we're spending A LOT of time together now.... I'm actually bored to tears!!! And so tired of eating!

I have another appointment with Dr. Bochner on Tuesday. We'll see him weekly to see my progress and see if the baby has fattened up at all in the last week. In another week, if the baby is still skinny, we'll have a c-section that week and get her out of my tummy so we can fatten her up with milk... I hope I can have her on my scheduled date of February 4..... Please pray for us!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

35 Weeks!!!

Yay, I'm 35 weeks today! 2 more weeks and I'm considered to be full-term. I can breathe easier and wait for this baby to come anytime after 2 weeks! I'll be on maternity leave in 1 week as well! I can't wait.

I'm definitely waddling now and my belly is really heavy and sometimes I have to hold it to walk fast. The baby is still moving a lot so I guess she still has a lot of room in the uterus to move around. Avery didn't move much when she was at this stage. May be this baby is smaller like Dr. Park said?? At my last appointment, Dr. Park thought that the size of my uterus was kind of small and wanted me to go to Dr. Bochner to check on the size of the baby to make sure that she was growing properly. We have that appointment next Tuesday. Please pray that everything's fine!

We took a belly photo last night, FINALLY!!!! By the looks of my growing belly, I think our baby is growing just fine....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yucky feeling...

I'm almost 34 weeks! 3 more weeks and I'm considered full-term. Come one 3 weeks!!!! I am so done being pregnant! Since we'll have a c-section when I'm 39 weeks, I only have 5 more weeks to go... Why does that sound so soon but feels so far away???

This morning, I woke up feeling totally nauseous and yucky. It's like as if 1st trimester is hitting me now in my 3rd trimester. I've been so lucky to not have morning sickness with this pregnancy. May be I'm going to have it now that I'm almost done?! It's probably all the pregnancy hormones going through my body or that 2nd bowl of spaghetti that I ate last night which I knew I shouldn't.

My stomach is crowded now with the growing baby that I can't eat as much as I used to. I run out of breath super fast too! Just few more weeks......

I've been too lazy to take a belly photo so here's a photo we took of me helping Avery open her gifts at Christmas. You can kind of see how big my belly is.... It actually sits on my lap when I sit down!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Hope you have a wonderful time of celebration with your loved ones! The Hwang family is headed to Fullerton to spend Christmas with my family. See you guys soon!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A baby without a name....

I am almost 32 weeks pregnant. By now, our baby weighs approximately 3.75 pounds (large jicama) and is about 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in my uterus. Unfortunately Paul and I have yet to name our little girl. We have zero ideas!!! To be fair to myself, I have thrown out a few ideas but Paul has shot them down left and right.... I say come up with some of your own ideas then, Paul!!!!

I realized this morning that I miscalculated my maternity leave. BOO HOO.... It doesn't start on the 11th but actually on the 14th.... Oh, you don't know how sad I was when I realized my working days have been extended 3 more days! It feels like 3 more weeks!! Luckily I have the holidays to make this time seem to go by faster.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here she is!

Finally took my belly photo last night.. My belly is lot pointier this time around... It's allll in the front..

Here she is at 30.5 weeks!