Thursday, January 6, 2011

35 Weeks!!!

Yay, I'm 35 weeks today! 2 more weeks and I'm considered to be full-term. I can breathe easier and wait for this baby to come anytime after 2 weeks! I'll be on maternity leave in 1 week as well! I can't wait.

I'm definitely waddling now and my belly is really heavy and sometimes I have to hold it to walk fast. The baby is still moving a lot so I guess she still has a lot of room in the uterus to move around. Avery didn't move much when she was at this stage. May be this baby is smaller like Dr. Park said?? At my last appointment, Dr. Park thought that the size of my uterus was kind of small and wanted me to go to Dr. Bochner to check on the size of the baby to make sure that she was growing properly. We have that appointment next Tuesday. Please pray that everything's fine!

We took a belly photo last night, FINALLY!!!! By the looks of my growing belly, I think our baby is growing just fine....

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