Thursday, October 28, 2010

25 Weeks!

Already 25 weeks! Can't believe it. I really need to take a new belly picture but since Paul's been out of town, I have no one to take a picture for me! May be I can teach my little Avery to use a camera...? Probably not, since the last time she held a camera, she dropped it on the floor right AFTER she said "uh oh" which makes me think that it was intentional. And of course it broke the lens and it cost us $150 to repair it. So that's not a good idea.....

Little girl #2 and I went to see Dr. Bohn today and everything checked out just fine. She gave us a little scare since we couldn't find her heartbeat for a long time. Dr. Bohn said she can feel the baby moving, probably running away from the doppler machine so she wasn't too concerned. But the worrisome mommy that I am, I worried that we couldn't find her heartbeat. When we found it though, it was beating so strong and fast at 159 beats/min. Today was my glucose level test to test for gestational diabetes and had to drink that yummy sugary "tang" drink. Unlike Avery's pregnancy, this one made me a little nauseous. I also got a flu shot to prepare for the upcoming flu season. To my surprise, I only gained 2 pounds in the last month. Which makes it a grand total of 12 pounds so far which is odd since I feel like I've been eating non-stop and gaining like 10 pounds a month!

I continue to feel great during the day, pooped and tired by about 7pm. Appetite's been good but having this huge urge and desire to go on a vacation and get away from all responsibilities! If I can sit on a beach and just read a book and not talk to anyone or do anything, that'd be heavenly....... But then my daydreaming ends just about there because I don't think I'll be able to last for more than 10 hours without seeing my Avery! Well, 3 more months and I'll have 2 little girls I won't be able to live without!!!! But then my life will be twice as chaotic, right?????

Monday, October 18, 2010

Korean Food Galore!!

I'm approaching 24 weeks now. Time is just flying by with this pregnancy! I'm just counting down the days until my maternity leave!!!! Yay!

With Avery, I didn't eat much Korean food and I didn't have much craving for it. For the first 6 months, I couldn't even smell Korean BBQ since it made me gag. Kimchee just was so unappetizing looking to me... This time around, all I want is Korean food, every single meal! Paul keeps asking me what do you want to eat? And almost everytime I want Korean food! I feel bad since Paul would rather eat fried chicken or burger or pizza... He's been very accomodating! Thank you, babe!

Here are some pics of what I've been eating... I've been making kimchee fried rice at home A LOT. Yesterday, I had Paul pick up some Pho for me (I know, it's not Korean). Couple days ago, I got a Yukgaejang (spicy shredded beef soup) recipe online and made it myself. I must say, that turned out really well! Probably is, I made enough to feed an army! Tonight, we're eating dumpling and rice cake soup, Paul's favorite!!! I hope I'm not eating too much spices for our little one. Surprisingly, all this Korean food hasn't given me much heartburn! I'm telling you, this baby is AWESOME!!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Almost 22 weeks!

Moving right along! We finally took a belly picture last night! Hooray!!! And wow, my belly looks huge now! Please keep in mind that the belly picture was taken AFTER we had a big Korean dinner... Little girl has been so active in my belly and I've been talking to her more and more, in the car, in the shower, just whenever I can get a quiet moment alone with her. I'm sure she can hear my voice by now and I want her to know how much we're anxiously awaiting her arrival. But not too soon! 2 of my friends already had their little ones a month early this month and thankfully the babies are healthy and strong! Yay! I just want our little girl to come closer to due date so I can have some time off of work before she arrives! Yes, it's 100% for selfish reasons!!! I found out that I won't be going on maternity leave until January 11 so it only gives me 3 weeks until our scheduled C-section date... Which means, if she comes early, that 3 weeks will become less and I really want my 3 weeks!!! I should really stop thinking about maternity leave... I'm getting too impatient!

Ok, drum roll please.... My 21.5 week belly picture: